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Burkhard Bilger: The Dark and Dangerous World of Extreme Cavers

A REPORTER AT LARGE IN DEEP The dark and dangerous world of extreme cavers. BY BURKHARD BILGER


Lovely Water by Cian McKenna is a series of images and videos

McKenna on his project:

A bit of straight-forward and altogether meaningless eye candy you might say, or a visual exploration of a place I love. Lovely Water is an ongoing project that is added to following every trip down to the sea armed with a camera and a strong desire to go for a swim.

These images and videos are taken in a sheltered cove known deceptively as ‘the 40ft’ in Sandycove, Dublin. It has been frequented by all manner of nudey and not nudey bathers since the days of Joyce (RIP) and is altogether wonderful year round.

Lovely Water from Cian McKenna on Vimeo.

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Repulsion (1965) dir. by Roman Polanski

Polanski’s film plunges into this crack, the line dividing sexual fascination and repulsion, the male and the female, the society and the individual. The face, the eye, the four walls around Catherine Deneuve’s Carol all rupture and fracture. Her mind’s grasp on reality splinters, she withdraws and psychosis sets in […] (x)

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